You had me at wine lover.

It didn’t take my eye long to find Texas Wine Lover when browsing Michele McClellan’s list of local sites. And after checking out the site, I really don’t have much to “wine” about – but I’ll still have some cheese.

It’s easy to read, user friendly and filled with interesting and up-to-date content, especially if you’re a wine enthusiast living in Texas. I like my wine aged and dry – but fortunately this blog was neither. Okay, I’m done.

From news about wine competitions to features on local winemakers, the site covers a variety of content. Add podcasts, wine reviews, a map with the local vineyards and an online store with wine accessories into the mix, and this becomes the perfect one-stop site for any Texan with a fancy for wine.

But it doesn’t stop there. The site is kept up to date with several new stories added throughout the week. With wine-related ads littering the whole right forth of the page, it’s no secret that this site is largely funded by advertising. However, even with a lot of ads on the page, it still appears organized and visually appealing. The photos look professional and for the most part, the writing is error-free.

The two founders behind the site, Jeff Cope and Gloria Schlanser started the website after visiting several Texas wineries and seeing an opportunity that would benefit both wine consumers and producers. Along with Jeff and Gloria, there are ten additional contributing writers, all with a passion for wine. While the price to advertise isn’t listed, the site does say the sizes available for ads and directs those interested in rates to their email.

After checking out the site, I think the Texas Wine Lover is a “grape” example of successful entrepreneurial media. The founders saw a niche with a large enough interested audience, and decided to make a business out of what was already a hobby.




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