Why didn’t I think of that?

light bulb

Just hearing the word entrepreneurship makes me giddy. The idea of a taking big leap of faith (both financially and personally) and having creative freedom are really appealing to me. Not to mention, being my own boss and leading driven individuals who want to succeed as much as I do sounds exhilarating.

I think I’m so stoked about this idea right now because it’s new to me. It wasn’t until this year I realized how much I would love to some day be an entrepreneur. While my parents are both entrepreneurs, this career path was never one I had really considered for myself. I remember taking personality tests in high school that would spit out results like, “You should consider going into healthcare because you like science,” “You would make an excellent teacher because you’re patient and organized.” I don’t ever recall anyone getting back the response, “You should consider starting your own business because you’re innovative and diligent.”Long story short, I didn’t know being an entrepreneur was an option for myself until recently and I’m realizing now that t’s more of an option than ever.

Moving on, the current buzz around journalism entrepreneurship is exciting because as we’ve already seen (with outlets like theSkimm) , this is the way journalism and news sharing is headed. As Carlo De Marchis mentions in his short piece, mobile devices and technologies are allowing for an overwhelming amount of content to be shared live, with different perspectives, and often times directly from the perpetrators or individuals creating the content. As a consumer, this variety of perspectives offered around a single story, ease of access to information and variety of options provided are all very appealing. As an entrepreneur, the freedom to take a fresh standpoint on an issue and deliver it on an array of platforms to make a profit is equally attractive. However, the investment, continued funding, gaining an audience and staying innovative all remain a huge risk one needs to thoroughly consider.

De Marchis makes good points that are easy to understand because of the visual manner in which he displays them. However, I think his article is now a bit dated. For example, Snapchat in just the last year has taken great strides as a leader in social media, playing a significant role in sharing snaps of global events, celebrities, politics and more. News organizations, proving both soft and hard news, as well as companies are now visible on this app.

As for business, I think the three disruptions De Marchis mentions, are really advantages to those interested in entrepreneurial media. There are more platforms for businesses to share their name on and run their businesses from. In fact, many businesses are now present solely online.

With social media and technology continuing to evolve, I think this is a super exciting time for entrepreneurs. I’m looking forward to learning about the opportunities, challenges and potential within entrepreneurial media.

And someday, if it all works out, hopefully I’ll be the reason someone says: “Why didn’t I think of that?”



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